The idea of painting brown skin excited me! As a Black women, I safely speak for myself and many others that we  often don't get the option to paint our own skin in artwork like this.  I wanted to create that opportunity and also find striking images outside of what one would expect to see on a cookie.  When I decorate cookies, I have a total sense of pride and accomplishment. Along with the social dynamic, I wanted to create the opportunity to share that accomplished feeling of having crafted a beautiful cookie, in a very real way. 


Everyone is creative, whether you use it or not- yes, YOU! Valuing and actively participating in creativity or play has it's importance well past our formative years, that is often times downplayed.  Taking the time to create some white noise in our lives helps strengthen our connection with ourselves, others and the non-physical world; which is always about helping us create the best version of ourselves. In experiencing The Black Box, it is our hope that you tap into that connection and create a more little magic in your life!