Hawaiian Scuba Dive, Velvet Painting Series Nude photo shoot,  Old school velvet Paintings, Black royal icing, Chocolate Hennessey Poptarts, Chocolate Hennessey Cupcakes & Black History month.


After posing for a photographer friend's coffee table series, he tasked me with making a Black Velvet Cheesecake to go along side his creation- The Velvet Painting series. His coffee table book collection was  an ode to the natural beauty of BLACK women's bodies inspired by the old school velvet paintings of the 70's. I created a small variety of  deep chocolate to Black desserts, slowly working my way towards the BLACK cheesecake. Then, I  discovered of the most beautiful  shade of Black while on my first real ocean dive in Hawaii. Mesmerized by the Black velvety sea urchins, I became obsessed with creating the Black Velvet Cheesecake! Shortly after that dive, I successfully created an amazing Black Velvet Cheesecake- the best deep dark chocolate you've ever had! With the handful of  Black desserts in my arsenal, I always thought it would be cool to do something Noir for Black History month, using the tagline, "Just because it's Black, doesn't mean it's bitter!".  Fast forward to almost a decade later and I finally saw the Black Not Bitter vision I  needed to manifest...and thus was born, CRUSH NOIR'S BLACK BOX! A playful and classy spin on Black,  with the intentions of  inspiring creativity and connection through food, art & music.